Tugela Vaal


Department of Water & Sanitation – National


Tugela Vaal

Start Date

26 November 2014

Completion Date

30 June 2018



Estimated Amount of contract

R220 220 790.90

Work Done

  • Repair, install and commissioning of Motor
  • Sterkfontein-Replace faulty gang links supplying the Tower
  • Woodstock -Borehole control panel
  • Sterkfontein -Mini Sub
  • Woodstock-Repair faulty crane
  • Tugela Vaal- Artisans with HV switching for 6 Months
  • Tugela Vaal- Install, supply 4 commision underground around cable with earth mat from the gang links and supply Sterkfontein in mini sub in the tower.
  • Tugela Vaal- Repair control panel of the flood gates system at Woodstock Dam.
  • Tugela Vaal-Repair faulty lift at Kilburn main office building.
  • Tugela Vaal- Provide maintanance and repairs for 43 air conditioners in the scheme.
  • TV G.W.S- Supply New cables for the Pumpset 1, Kilburn 1,4 connect and commission. Maintain on generator at Woodstock, Driel, Kilburn, Sterkfontein and movable generator.
  • Tugela Vaal PS Electrical Repairs Driel&Kilburn
  • Kilburn 1&2-Repairs in Tugela Vaal PS